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About Us

What Do We Do?

Constantly Make Money

How do we do it?

Buying and Selling with the S&P500 emini

Where do we do it?

Anywhere with internet access


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About Us

Learn How to Read Candle Stick Charts



Learn How To Make Your Own Money


Learn a New Skill for a Profitable Future


Live a Better Quality of Life


Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time


Learn How to Make Money With Your Hard Earned Money




If you are not interested in making money and being self employed, maybe you know someone, a housewife, retiree, entrepreneur, who might be interested. We will send you a $25 gift card for referring a friend or family member who attends two Live Training Sessions. Call us at 


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Money Acceleration

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Money Acceleration

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What does an education cost?

CDL which doesn't include the Semi


Drive 60 hours a week, never see your family. Live out of truck stops and make between $70,000 to $100,000 a year (cost typically between $3000 to $7000 to become a driver)

Airline Transport Pilot


Months if not years of flying. Months of intensive ground school. Lots of sitting around and lots of responsibility. Salaries range between $35,000 and $160,000  (education costs between $75.000)

Bachelors Degree

Years of college with no guarantee of employment. Lots of long nights studying and eating ramen noodle meals. Start out with a $36,000 salary and hope for the best (education costs between $40.000 to $80.000 dollars)

Hair Stylist


Months of schooling and make a bit more than minimum wage. ( Education costs between $16.000 to $25.000 )

Sub shop


Make $5000 a month with long hours, employees who don't want to work, expenses you don't want to pay, inventory you don't want to order, and the threat of liability if some one gets sick (typically $200.000 to invest)

New Age Entrepreneur

 No inventory, no employees, no one gets sick, no equipment, very few expenses.

 ( costs $15.000 )

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About Us



 Everyday we have members being educated on Ensign Chart reading and managing their money. We are offering a systematic approach to developing skills for a profitable future. All of this is accessed online from wherever you are, be it on vacation, at home, at your office, on a boat, you have access. There are three classes daily to participate in.

Motto: Think in Crayon


 We make and keep things simple, not a bunch of bells and whistles, no fast moving charts, no 50 things going on at once. To be profitable a person needs to obtain emotional stability, have a support group, and stick to the rules . Sign up to experience a live trading session and see the transparency of the group.  Call us todayso you can take advantage of this opportunity and start making money now!!!


Access to an online academy to launch you into profitabilty


 We have a tried and true academy which allows our group to learn, relearn, and get updated information for their new career. Our training sessions are archived so you can review important lessons along with adding to your knowledge of profitability.  

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